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    FR: partitif - contractions



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    FR: partitif - contractions

    Post  moritzchen on Wed Jul 21, 2010 3:06 am


    very confused about this...
    'de le' = du, n'est-ce pas? Vous avez du pain?
    However, my grammar review lists in the same paragraph as examples of the partitif 'de l'or' and 'de l'eau'.
    Why can't these be contracted? ( Vous avez d'or?, or 'c'est d'or, n'est-ce pas?)That would be via 'du'.
    Is 'du' ever contracted before a vowel? Or would the reason be not to get mixed up with the negative statement 'ce n'est pas d'or'.
    Maybe I'm missing something basic here?

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