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    What's a "moderated" forum??



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    What's a "moderated" forum??

    Post  Radmin on Tue Jul 20, 2010 4:55 pm

    A moderated forum, according to vBulletin, the developer of the forum software we use, requires that a moderator review and approve each new post or thread before it becomes visible.

    Your posts in this Recursos/Resources sub-forum may not become visible for a day or more after you submit them.

    If they attempt to promote a competitive forum or dictionary or a primarily commercial site, they will never become visible.

    If they are requests for translation or grammar help, they will be deleted. We have other forums for those subjects.

    The rest of this thread is from 2004, and has little content of value, but may be amusing as a sign of what things were like in the very early days of these forums.

    A forero just sent us this note. It explains why your posts don't show up right away!!

    Originally Posted by Gorgojo jojojo
    Hi Cuchu,
    I guess the new forum will just take some days before getting into the groove. Apart from the scary description ("The moderator is really gentle, despite the gruff exterior, the pointy ears, the horns, the talons...." ) I think that the fact of not seeing the posts at once might be discouraging people...why don't just create a permanent post to explain that
    " if you answer a post in an existing thread, your answer will not be visible immediately!. The same is true for new threads. You may start them, but they will not appear instantly. Don't worry, it's not lost. It just has to go through a 'cleaning' process to avoid spam or bad links.
    The cleaning process, for those of you with technical curiosity, consists of me reading it and verifying any links. Then I press a magic button and your message appears in the forum. I'm terribly overpaid to do this stuff. My total compensation consists of the chance to be the first to read your wonderful notes!"?

    If you have questions, or any difficulties with this new forum, please send a Private Message to Cuchufléte.


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